Find out how we got
Charlotte and how she got
her name!
"Saving Charlotte"
Fumbling Across America
with a Reluctant VW Bus
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Welcome to our travel/blog site!  We have mentioned this long-time dream of
driving around the world to many of you, and now we are excited to have you
follow along as the dream goes live!

Our biggest plan is to have no plan at all, but our first general direction is
south.  We intend to hop in "Charlotte," our 4X4 VW van, around December 20,
2013, turn left out of our driveway, and head toward Mexico, Central and South
America.  When we run out of land (at the tip of South America) we intend to
head back north up through Brazil.  From there we will decide where to ship
Charlotte...Australia, Europe...or home for repairs and upgrades! (By the way,
we also intend to fly home every three or four months to take care of business
and catch up with friends and family.)

These are our intentions anyway.  Who knows what will happen along the way.
Our specific route is undetermined, as is our time frame.  We may be sick of it
all in six months or we may still be out there in six years.  What we do know is
that there will be plenty of adventures and misadventures and many
encounters with amazing people around the world.  We don't know how often
we will send out posts, but we will attempt to share as much as possible
through our blogs and photos.

Please feel free to
sign up for email updates (if you aren't already) or log on to
charlottamiles.com whenever the mood strikes you!


Ned and Kat